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This study provides a new definition of consumer vulnerability, a methodology for measuring it and fresh insights into the actual patterns of consumer vulnerability in key markets.


This study analyses the decision structures of consumers in different age ranges (one of the variables significant in the adoption of innovations) in relation to a novel food. Our research was carried out by applying the means-end chain theory.


This paper contributes to the scant body of research exploring older consumers’ packaging experiences from a multidimensional perspective of ageing. The paper also broadens our understanding of the concept of consumer vulnerability by applying it to a new and pertinent context.


Delicious natural alternative to meal replacements

This presentation is a review of work carried out by a number of agencies into the safety and usability of packaging

Milk packaging was selected as a model subject of study. Factors influencing older consumers and their buying patterns when purchasing milk have been thoroughly examined. The research was conducted among people over the age of 60 with the use of three methods: a questionnaire (600 subjects), an in-depth interview (60 subjects), and eye tracking (30 subjects).


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