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The German National Showcase on Food of the Future

The German National Showcase for Pioneering Innovative Food for Seniors (PIFS) took place at Hafenkäserei, a local factory producing biological cheese in Münster, on the 5th of October 2022 between 17 and 21 o'clock as a half-day event. The event attracted 20 regional and local participants, including representatives from local small-and-medium-sized enterprises, vocational educational

Future of Food Event at BIA Innovator Campus, Athenry, Co. Galway

Our Irish Partner, Momentum, recently organised an event to publicly showcase the outputs of the PIFS project and increase the visibility and uptake of the project outputs amongst the most relevant stakeholder organisations. The event took place at the new BIA Innovator Campus, Athenry, Co. Galway, and one of the main focuses was the FUTURE of FOOD in

Food innovation: Who will eat what in the future?

Lithuanian Maisto inovacijos: kas ir ką valgys ateityje? Maistas – viena iš nedaugelio temų, su kuriomis susiduriame kiekvienas. Būtent todėl maisto ateitis, šiame sektoriuje plėtojamos inovacijos ir brėžiamos tendencijos ir tai, kaip jos prisitaikys prie visuomenės pokyčių, buvo LIC organizuoto renginio Marijampolėje „Maisto inovacijos: kas ir ką valgys ateityje” ašis. Renginį organizavome tarptautinės iniciatyvos

Luisa Fernandez information

Spanish Sobre Luisa Martínez: el premio hace homenaje a la baezana y mujer emprendedora Luisa Martínez, nacida en 1932 y reconocida con Medalla al Mérito en el Trabajo, otorgada por el Ministerio, entre otros muchos reconocimientos locales e internacionales. La labor de Luisa Martínez es ampliamente reconocida en la difusión de la cocina tradicional y

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Meet the Team

We are a partnership from varying sectors from all over Europe, Our lead partner is based in Germany - Münster University of Applied Sciences (MUAS). MUAS employs a multidisciplinary approach, preparing its members for life in the global market and ensuring an in depth understanding of the ever changing world of work. Our second partner

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6 Food Trends Driving Food Innovation

There are lots of factors that contribute to food innovation and yearly trends. In order to gain a full understanding, and apply those locally or within a niche market, you need to understand the macro factors that are influencing food innovation. A Focus On Long Term Health Traceability: Sourcing & Production Awareness Social Responsibility: Waging

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The Silver Economy Opportunity

The EU defines the Silver Economy as “the sum of all economic activity that serve the needs of people aged 50 and over, including the products and services they purchase directly and the further economic activity this spending generates.” It stretches across all sectors (public and private) of the economy, including health and nutrition, leisure

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